Kinematics: Projectile Motion

Q- A rocket is fired at an angle of 600 with horizontal and accelerates in a straight line at 25ms-2 for 2.5s before the rocket motor stops and it eventually falls to the ground. Neglecting air resistance

(a) Make a labelled sketch of the rockets trajectory starting from the launch point. Include the numerical values of the horizontal and vertical velocity at the point where the rocket motor stops.

(b) How long after launch does the rocket hit the ground?

(C) How far does the rocket travel horizontally from the launch point?

Ray Optics: Concave Mirror

Q- A 3.0-cm-tall domino is located 100 cm from a concave spherical mirror of R = 30 cm. Locate the position of the image and find its magnification.


Heat: Saturated Vapor Pressure

Q- A 1 m3 rigid closed tank contains 10 kg of water (in any phase or phases) at 150°C. What is the pressure in the tank?


Electrostatics: Coulomb's Law

Q- Four equal charges of + 3.0 x 10-7 C are placed on the corners of one face of a cube of edge length 10.0 cm. A charge of -3.0 x 10-7 C is placed at the center of the cube. What are the magnitude and the direction of the force on the charge at the center of the cube?


Mechanics: Center of Mass and Momentum

Q- Two masses 5 kg and 15 kg are moving along x direction with velocities of 10 m/s and 2 m/s respectively. At an instant they are at positions 10 m and 70 m respectively

(A) Find position of their center of mass at this instant.

(B)  If the two will collide inelastically what is their common velocity?

(C) If they collide elastically find the velocity of each one after collision.


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