Ray Optics: Refraction

Q- The drawing shows a glass slab (n = 1.4) with a rectangular cross section. A ray of light strikes the slab at an incident angle of θ1 = 45°, enters the slab, and travels to point P. This slab is surrounded by a fluid with a refractive index n. What is the maximum value of n such that total internal reflection occurs at point P?

Electric Potential

Q- Ohmic heating raises the temperature of a tungsten filament to the point that electrons begin to "boil" off. A high voltage power supply establishes an accelerating potential difference of 900 V between the filament and a circular metal disk located 2.0cm away. The disk diameter is 1.0cm. Assuming the electrons begin at rest, what is their velocity when they strike the disk? (in m/s)


Newton's Laws Of Motion

Q- A body (weight 3000N) is supported by a bracket through a vertical cable. The bracket is composed of a horizontal bar and an inclined bar, both are rigidly fastened to the wall. Neglecting the weight of the bars and the cable, determine the magnitude of the reaction R1 exerted by the lower fixture on the horizontal bar


Current Electricity: Superposition Method

Using superposition, find the voltage Vacross the resistor R2.


Rotation: Rotor and Shaft

Q- A mirror is to be meant to oscillate at 10 cycles per minute and turns 30 degrees either side of the center line. The radius of the rotor is r and the length of the shaft L (considerably large). At what distance d from the center of the mirror the shaft is to be pinned and what is the distance of the rotor from the centerline of the mirror?


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