Force: Equilibrium

Q- (a) Draw the free-body diagram of the link at B.

(b) If the spring has a stiffness of k=800 N/m and an unstretched length of 100 mm, determine the tension in cables BC and BD when the spring is held in the position shown.


Q- A well-insulated rigid cylinder is divided into 2 compartments by a fixed conducting piston. Initially one side of the piston contains 1 m3 of O2 at 5 bar, 800C and the other side contains 1m3 of N2 at 7 bar, 200C.   Determine the final equilibrium temperature and pressure(s).


Rotational Motion

Q- A solid wheel of mass 30 kg is rolled toward the left along a horizontal surface under the action of a horizontal force of magnitude 200 N, acting at the center of the wheel . If the friction is sufficient to prevent slipping, what is the magnitude of linear acceleration of the center of the wheel?


Current Electricity: Kirchhoff's Law

Q- Using mesh analysis, determine the current through R= 5Ω resistance and the potential Va.


Stationary Waves: Closed Organ Pipe

Q- An organ pipe is closed at one end and is 1.00 m long. Find the wavelength and frequency of the three lowest resonances which this pipe can produce. (speed of sound in air is 340 m/s)


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