Electrostatics: Induced Charges

Q- A point charge q is placed between two infinitely large conducting parallel planes with distance d between them, such that it is at a distance x from one plane.  Find the charges induced on each plane.

Motion In A Plane

Q- A small ball is suspended from point A by a thread of length L.  A nail is driven into the wall at a distance of L/2 below A, at O.  The ball is drawn so that the thread takes up a horizontal position.

(a) At what point in the ball’s trajectory will the tension in the thread disappear?
(b) How will the ball move after that?
(c) What will be the highest point to which it will rise?
(d) At what point will the ball pass through the vertical line passing the point of suspension?


Alternating Currents

Q - An AC generator supplies an rms voltage of 5.00 V to an RC circuit. At a frequency of 20.0 kHz the rms current in the circuit is 37.0 mA; at a frequency of 30.0 kHz the rms current is 50.0 mA. What are the values of R and C in this circuit?



(Requested by Merjan)

Q – Two cars were moving on parallel lanes in one direction. One car had speed 60 km/hour, while the other had speed of 65 km/hr. At time 8:30 AM, the distance between the cars was 8 km. 

(a)  How far a way from each another the were at 9:20 AM that day?

(b)  At what time the cars moved side by side?


Ray Optics: Refraction

Q- Red light (n = 1.520) and violet light (n = 1.538) traveling in air are incident on a slab of crown glass. Both colors emerge from the glass at the same angle of refraction. The red light has an angle of incidence of 35.96°. What is the angle of incidence of the violet light? Give your answer to four significant figures.


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