Mechanics: Translation and Rotation

Q- A block of mass m = 10 kg is pulled from rest, on a horizontal surface by a massless rope passing over a pulley of same mass m = 10 kg, radius R = 0.25 m and moment of inertia I = 1.2 kg m2, rotates freely about its axis. The force applied at the end of the rope is P = 750 N. If the coefficient of friction between the block and the surface is μ = 0.2 and the rope does not slip over the pulley find the velocity of the block after time t = 0.15 s.


Magnetic Circuit

Q- Find the current necessary to stablish a flux of ø = 3*10-4 Wb in the series magnetic circuit (shown in figure) consist of two parts of cast iron and steel cores. Length of each core is l = 0.3 m and the area of cross-section is A = 5*10-4 m2. Relative permittivity of cast iron is 5000 and that of steel is 100. Number of turns in the coil is N = 100 turns.


Vectors: Force

Q- To pull a car, one end of a rope 25 m long is attached to the car. The other end is fastened to a tree. A man exerts a force of 500 N at the midpoint of the rope pulling it 1 meter to the side. What is the force exerted on the car in this position?


Sound Waves: Beats

Q- A flute player hears four beats per second when she compares her note to a 523 Hz tuning fork. She can match the frequency of the tuning for by pulling out to increase length of her flute slightly. What was her initial frequency?


Heat: Gas Laws

Q- A diver releases an air bubble of volume 2.0 cm3 from a depth of 15 m below the surface of a lake where the temperature is 7.00C. What is the volume of the bubble when it reaches just below the surface of the lake where the temperature is 200C?


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