. November 2018

SHM: Damped Oscillation

Q- A 1.5 kg piston supported on a helical spring vibrates freely with a natural frequency of 3Hz. When oscillating within an oil filled cylinder the frequency of free oscillation is reduced to 2.90Hz.

(a) Find the stiffness of the helical spring.

(b) Find the damping ratio when in the oil filled …

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Sound: Resonance

Q- A closed end organ pipe is sounded near a guitar causing one of the strings to vibrate with large amplitude. The string is 80% as long as the organ pipe. If both vibrate at their fundamental frequency, calculate the ratio of the speed of wave on the string to the speed of sound in air.


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Thermal Radiation

Q- At high noon, the sun delivers 1000 W to each square meter of a blacktop road. If the hot asphalt loses energy only by radiation, what is its steady-state temperature?


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