. August 2018

Ohm's Law

Q- Find current through all resistances in the given network.


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Vectors: Resolution

Q- Figure shows four concurrent forces in equilibrium. Find the magnitude and direction of F3 and F4.


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Fluid: Poiseuille's Equation

Q- A hypodermic syringe is attached to a needle that has an internal radius of 0.3 cm and a length of 3 cm. The needle is filled with a solution of viscosity 2*10-3 Pa.s to be injected into a vein at a gauge pressure of 16.5 mm of Hg.

(a) What must be the pressure of the fluid in the syringe be in …

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(On request - Harsh)

Q- Find equivalent resistance between A and B.


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Transverse Waves: Stretched Strings

Q- A 1.5 m long rope is stretched between two supports with a tension that makes the speed of transverse waves on the rope 48 m/s. The rope is made to vibrate, what will be the wavelength an frequency of

(a) the fundamental and

(b) the fourth harmonic?  


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Q- An electronic flashgun has a 1000 -µF capacitor that is charged to 100 V.

(a) How much energy is stored by the capacitor?

(b) What is the charge on the capacitor?

(c) When the photographer takes a picture, the flash fires for 1/2000 s. What is the average current through the flashtube?


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