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Circular Motion

Q1- A car moving at a speed of 35 m/s enters a curve that describes a quarter turn of radius 125 m. The driver gently applies the brakes, giving a constant tangential deceleration of magnitude 1.2 m/s2.

a) Just before emerging from the turn, what is the magnitude of the car's acceleration?

b) At that same moment, what is the angle between the velocity vector and the acceleration vector?


Q2 - Suppose the moon were held in its orbit not by gravity but by the tension in a massless cable. You are given that the period of the moon's orbit is T = 27.3 days, the mean distance from the earth to the moon is R = 3.85 x 108 m, and the mass of the moon is M = 7.35 x 1022 kg. What would the tension in the cable be? 


Q3- a) The coefficient of friction between a certain brass block and a large revolving turntable is 0.23. How far from the axis of rotation can the block be placed before it slides off the turntable if it is rotating at 33(1/3) rev/min

b) A certain car has a minimum turning radius of 8.2 m. If the coefficient of static friction between the tires and road is m= 0.23, what is the maximum speed the car can have without skidding on an unbanked road if the steering wheel is turned fully to the right? 


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