. December 2017

Magnetic Effects

Q- An infinite wire carries current I1 = 1.1 A in the +x direction as shown in the diagram bellow. A rectangular loop of length L = 8 cm and width w = 3 cm carries a current I2 = 0.5 A in the clockwise direction as shown. The loop is located in the x-y plane a distance d = 3 cm from the infinite wir…

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Current Electricity

Q- In the circuit bellow

(a) Find the equivalent resistance of the circuit.

(b) Find the currents I1 and I2.


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Work Done On An Inclined Plane

Q- Gopal finds that a force F is required to push a crate of mass m up a plank of length L into a truck whose platforms is a vertical distance h above the road.

(a) How much work does Gopal do in pushing the crate up the plank?

(b) Calculate Gopal’s work input if the crate has a mass of 100 kg, …

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