. March 2018

Average Acceleration

(On request - Adivhaho Phophi)

Q- The particle's velocity moving along the x-axis varies according to the expression velocity = 50 - 10 t². Find the average acceleration in the time interval t = 0 to t = 2.0 seconds.


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Motion Under Gravity

(On request - Bella)

Q- A child (20 kg) is lying on his hospital bed with the side railings down. The patient turns sideways and starts to fall off his bed, which is 1.2 m tall. The healthcare professional sees the patient falling and attempts to break the fall by throwing a pillow on the floor …

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L-R Circuit

Q- Three resistors (R1 = 120 Ohms, R2 = 330 Ohms, and R3 = 240 Ohms) and an ideal inductor (L = 1.6 mH) are connected to a battery (V = 9 V) through a switch as shown in the figure. The switch has been open for a long time before it is closed at t = 0. At what time t0, does the current through the i…

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Standing waves

Q- A 1.5 m long string is stretched between two supports with a tension such that the speed of the transverse wave on the string is 48 m/s. The string is made to vibrate. Find the wavelength and frequency of

  1. Fundamental note, and
  2. The fourth harmonic. 


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