. May 2018

Dielectric: Displacement Vector

Q- Two parallel conducting plates are separated by the distance d, and the potential difference between the plates is maintained at the value V. A slab of dielectric with constant K and a uniform thickness t < d is inserted between the plates and parallel to them. Find the electric field vector E an…

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Sound Waves: Wave-front

Q- A sound source is located somewhere along the x-axis. Experiments show that the same wave front simultaneously reaches listeners at x = -6 m and x = +8.0 m.

(a) What is the x co ordinate of the source?

(b) A third listener is positioned along the positive y-axis. What is her y coordinate if the…

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(On request - Nshwah)

Q- Two charges are placed between the plates of a parallel plate capacitor. One charge is +q1 and the other is q2 = +6.58 mC. charge per unit are on each plate has a magnitude of σ = 1.39*10-4 C/m2. If the magnitude of force on q1 due to q2 is equal to that on q1 due to the …

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Electric Flux

(On request - Nshwah)

Q- Figure shows top view of two surfaces intersecting at right angle. Surface 1 has an area of 1.5 m2 and that of the surface 2 is 3.3 m2. Uniform electric field E of strength 270 N/C is making angle 35o with surface 2. Find electric flux through

(a) Surface 1

(b) Surface 2

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Gravitation: Earth's Orbit

Q- The earth orbits the sun at a distance of about 1.5*1011 m in about 365 days (3.15*107 s).

(a) What is the earth’s speed along its orbital path?

(b) If the mass of the earth is 6*1024 kg, find the force exerted on it by the sun to keep it in orbit.

(c) What must be the mass of the sun to exe…

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Work Power Energy: Compression in Spring

Q- A particle with mass 10 kg falls from a height of 1.5 m on a vertically mounted spring. If the spring constant is 4000 N/m, calculate the maximum compression in the spring.


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