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Electromagnetic induction

Q- A circular loop of radius a = 20 cm and N=168 turns is fixed in the x-y plane. A spatially uniform magnetic field with only -component covers the entire area of the loop. The plot bellow shows Bz measured in Tesla versus time t measured in seconds. The +z direction is OUT of the screen.

(a) Calculate the magnetic flux through the loop in the z-direction at the times indicated below. In each case, specify the direction by giving a positive value for flux in the +z direction and a negative value for flux in the -z direction. 

(b) Calculate the induced EMF (electromotive force) in the loop at the times specified below. In each case specify the sense of the EMF by giving a positive value for a counterclockwise EMF as viewed in the above figure; specify a clockwise sense by giving a negative value.


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